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Revolutionizing Hydrocarbon Logistics:
Welcome to VantEdge 

We are improving the efficiency and reliability of the entire oil & gas transportation system with a platform for planning, scheduling, transacting, reporting, optimizing and sharing data.  

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What We Do Best

VantEdge provides one source of truth when looking at your operational or commercial
volumes and logistics. Working on-premises or in the cloud, VantEdge brings truck, rail, and pipeline logistics together in one centralized platform allowing your people to focus on the business and your customers while the system looks for anomalies in your everyday movements.

Optimizing Logistics

From back office to front office, VantEdge has you covered. VantEdge can manage the following:


Schedule trucks to go to the right facilities at the right time. Idle time is expensive. Arriving at facilities closed for operations is even more costly. Manage any number of contracted pick-ups/deliveries to any number of facilities.


Control tower for monitoring, managing, integrating and improving terminal operations. Allows you to share data in real-time with internal or external partners that need to view or approve transactional data.


One solution for the whole process! Some shippers have ½ dozen apps for managing rail transportation, including track & trace, fleet management, loading/unloading, contract management, yard management and more.  


A web-based communication platform for nominations, shipping confirmation and documentation.

Standout Features
  • One application for all commodity transportation via truck, rail, or passing through terminals.  

  • Ensure accurate data right from the point of custody transfer. 

  • Improve decision-making with real-time insight available in the hands (or system) of anyone who needs it. 

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Rail Features
  • Contract management

  • Zero Spreadsheets needed

  • Track and Trace/fleet management

Truck Features
  • Truck Scheduling

  • Centralized or site by site reporting

  • 1,500 tickets/day or ~550,000 tickets annually

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Our Partners
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