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Introducing Wheelhouse

What if you knew with much greater certainty when your shipments were being delivered, and picked up, and could use those insights to ensure inventory levels are optimized or assets are running at maximum capacity before new capital is invested.  

Why Do We Need Wheelhouse?

Today, upwards of 50,000 transactions for oil & gas movements are processed manually. With paper. This paper is sent internally to accounting, to operations, to commercial, to IT. It is sent externally to truck and rail shippers, and marketing companies. And of course to customers, partners and other stakeholders.  


Digital transformation is impossible when the underlying process is manual.  

Many other vendors purport to solve these supply chain challenges. But the reality is that oil & gas logistics is extremely complicated. Following the molecule from the well to the pump means tracking thousands of market participants from producers, to midstreamers, service companies, trucking companies, pipelines, rail lines, refineries, and retailers.

Only Wheelhouse is designed to serve the whole system.  


Facility Owners


Trucking Companies & Drivers

Producers & End Users





What is Wheelhouse?

Wheelhouse is a digital solution for hydrocarbon logistics.  
  • It is a Control Tower for Terminal Operations that integrates into any terminal management system 

  • It provides self-serve access to any data from custody transfers of shipments, to any partner that needs them.  

  • It simplifies and transforms the process for producers, midstreamers, logistics companies, refineries and retailers. 

  • It is one solution for planning, scheduling, transacting, reporting, optimizing and sharing data for your oil & gas transportation. 

Modules include:

Terminal Cloud:

A web-based control tower for monitoring, managing, integrating and improving terminal operations.

Partner Portal:

This is a self-serve portal allowing any stakeholder to view and download (or integrate to their systems) that shipment transaction records as they are completed. Don’t send PDF’s around anymore.  Don’t wait for days or weeks go get accurate information about your shipments. 

Ensure drivers go to the right facility at the right time, reducing driver costs or idle times, and improving on-time deliveries.

Typically, rail logistics is bogged down by multiple manual process and several disparate point solutions.  Wheelhouse Rail is complete digital management and record keeping of the rail shipping process.

Pipeline Services:

A web-based communication platform for nominations, shipping confirmation and documentation.

Order Portal: 

An online form to request shipments, manage workflow on each side, and automate the change process.

Inventory Management:

A solution to support pulling all inventories together for a consolidated view of inventory in transit, including truck, rail and pipeline, along with ETA at destinations.

Why Use Wheelhouse?

Wheelhouse provides one source of digital truth for all parties privy to the information. Providing operational and commercial data/solutions in this fashion does the following:

Improves Efficiencies

Smooth out your operations. Free up operators to focus on the business. Automate manual tasks. Improve safety onsite. Communicate with truckers, railroads, head office, and customers in a seamless
and integrated fashion.

Lower Costs

Centralizing data to be consumed by approved parties will improve accuracy of data, reduce manual entry, speed up payment cycles, improve user experience. Grow your business without having to add additional overhead

Improves Safety

Safety starts with planning. Good planning reduces errors and overall activity onsite at any given time.

Improves Environment & Social governance

Schedule and optimise rail and truck loads to ensure all movements are completed quickly and efficiently. Reduce activity around your site and the community in which you operate. Drive efficiencies in your business that directly relate to the environment in which you operate.

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